Archive: August 2016

Forget the Agents — Social Media Empowers Celebrities

The Olympics Games captivate the entire world, providing an honest and genuine attempt to bring hundreds of nations together in symbolic unity. A two-week assortment of athletics, ceremonies, and drama–the storylines that emerge from the Games are unforgettable and momentous, never failing to capture our attention. And, as public relations professionals, sometimes those headlines are […]

Making the Most Out Of Your Internship — From a D+P Intern

So, you got this exciting new internship … now what? You applied months ago, did your very best to nail the interview, and got the heavily anticipated “congratulations – you got the internship” email! You’re on the way to your first day of your internship feeling like this… And you also might be freaking out […]

So, Philadelphia–What’s Next?!

After a successful visit from Pope Francis in 2015 and then an exemplary Democratic National Convention just last month, what can’t Philly do? During the DNC, I was lucky enough to be a part of the historic event as a volunteer all week long. Having been a former Washingtonian, it was fun to see my […]