Archive: October 2016

RIP Vine: The Death of a Social Media Platform

I wore all black to work today, not realizing that I was unintentionally prepared for a funeral – a death in the family. Somehow, I had subconsciously prepared for the announcement that sent shockwaves through the social media and millennial world: Vine, the beloved video-looping app, is officially going to its grave. This is no […]

In a Fierce Battle of Political Correctness, Who Wins? The Fact-Checkers.

Photo Credit: Meg Kelly/NPR It’s election season! Who knew, right? The second presidential debate is now well in the books, accompanied by commentary from TV’s talking heads and every day social media users. While these events are a newscaster’s dream— providing all-day fodder about any and every topic that comes to mind—they are also vital […]

LA Confidential; Philadelphia Confident

Credit: Discover Los Angeles Last week, I took a very brief break from the public relations and digital communications spheres of Philadelphia. I had the privilege of attending the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia’s Leadership Exchange (GPLEX) in Los Angeles. For the uninitiated, like me six months ago, GPLEX is a bi-annual trip where local Philadelphians from […]