Want to Revamp Your Digital Communications Strategy? Slap a Filter On It.


When Instagram launched almost five years ago, it had a simple ethos: Make people feel like their photos were worth sharing. By synthesizing a photo filter app with a location sharing app, and leveraging the power of the iPhone camera, they brought about the digital photography and photo-sharing Renaissance we are currently experiencing.

Today, a social media behemoth, Instagram boasts over 500 million active monthly users worldwide, more than LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ combined. And while many view Instagram as a personal social network primarily for the end user, we at D+P believe businesses shouldn’t count out the old “IG” when developing their digital communications strategies, social media portfolios and content management plans.

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“But, isn’t Instagram just for sexy fashion and lifestyle brands?” you say.


OK – yes, Instagram is an almost completely visual experience, which makes it a perfect marketing tool for consumer goods like clothing, makeup, home goods and other products. In fact, one-third of Instagram users have purchased an article of clothing they first saw on Instagram. True story: my high school friend Susanna launched a line of hand-crafted sleep masks, Earthen Warrior, using Instagram as her marketing method of choice. Gigi Hadid stumbled upon the Earthen Warrior Instagram account and boom! Gigi was sporting her custom-made Earthen Warrior eye mask in Harper’s Bazaar.

But, don’t feel left out because Gigi Hadid isn’t calling your office. “Regular Joe and Joanne” professional services firms see higher rates of interaction and engagement on Instagram than on any other social media platform. TrackMaven’s 2016 Social Media Impact Report found brands in the “B2B Professional Services” category had an Instagram engagement ratio of 10.61. That means an average of 10.61 engagements per post per 1,000 followers. And, though that number may not seem impressive, it is massive compared to the dismal .37 engagement ratio for Facebook, or .09 for LinkedIn and Twitter. (Side note: Follow D+P on Instagram!)

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So, if you’re looking to revamp your digital communications strategy, social media portfolio or content management plan, slap a filter on it. Truly, what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking to add Instagram to your digital communications strategy, social media portfolio or content management plan, D+P can help! Get in touch at resteasy@devinestage.wpengine.com.

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