Get to Know Lucy Rowe, D+P Intern

At any given time, there are two bright, motivated college students in the D+P internship program. We recently sat down with Lucy Rowe, our Monday & Wednesday intern, for a quick Q&A session. Read on below to learn more about Lucy!


Give us a little bit of background information on yourself!

I’m from Bryn Mawr. I just finished my sophomore year at Stanford, where I major in psychology. I’m really interested in the intersection between the human mind and economics, which is why I’m also taking a few economics courses. I also really enjoy playing squash—I’m a member of the Varsity Women’s Squash team at Stanford, which keeps me pretty busy. My favorite part of the day is always squash practice because I get to spend time with my teammates. When I’m not doing schoolwork or playing squash, I enjoy hanging out with my friends. We love going on hikes, spending time outside and trying new restaurants. Overall, I would describe myself as a pretty easy-going person who likes to have fun and try new things.

How does living in California compare to living in Greater Philadelphia?

The biggest difference is that California’s atmosphere feels more relaxed. Everyone seems happier. There isn’t that hustle and bustle feel that you get in East Coast cities. I think that temperament is because of the nice weather, which really affects people’s moods. One thing I really miss about Philadelphia is the changing of the seasons, whether it’s the leaves changing colors or the occasional snowfall. Aside from that, I really miss Wawa when I’m at school. That’s always the first place I go when I come home on breaks!

What’s one of your favorite classes in school and why?

I love all of the psychology classes I’ve taken at school, but this spring I took introduction to social psychology. The class focused on why humans behave the way we do, and how the power of situation plays such a big role in our behavior. It was definitely my favorite class I’ve taken at Stanford.

What’s something few people knew about you, but you wish they did?

One thing I wish more people knew about me is that I’m really good at board games. I love most board games and I play them a lot with my family. Our favorite games are Settlers of Catan and Clue. I almost always win!

If you could give a piece of advice to your high school/younger self, what would it be?

It would be to not get caught up in the little mishaps that happen in life, and focus on the bigger picture. When I was younger, small things like a low grade or bad squash match would feel like the end of the world to me. If I had understood in those moments that life goes on, I would’ve been a lot less hard on myself. Since I’ve been in college, I’ve really taken the time to appreciate everything that life throws at me, and I’ve come to understand that although something might feel bad in the moment, life goes on and everything will be okay.

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