Rest Easy Podcast: How To Flourish with Facebook’s New Rules

It’s a new year, so we’re rolling out a new way to share our thoughts, tips and tricks – podcast-style. Don’t worry, your regularly-scheduled D+P blog content isn’t going anywhere, but we’re excited to share this with our readers. This is Rest Easy, a podcast about digital media trends that keep the professionals up at night.

Facebook didn’t wait long to ruffle feathers in 2018, announcing major changes to the way content is prioritized in News Feeds. For users, Facebook says it will mean more content from family and friends, and less from brands, media and businesses. But what does that mean for digital communication strategies? (Hint: social media managers are starting to sweat.)

Fortunately, Team D+P has the secret to succeeding under the platform’s new rules. Listen to Episode One of Rest Easy to find out what your company can do to flourish instead of flop.


How To Flourish with Facebook’s New Rules 

:40 –What’s New with Facebook’s Algorithm?

2:55 – What We’re Seeing So Far

3:20 – What’s the Problem With Clickbait?

4:00 – What This Means For Paid Promotion

6:00 – The Wild, Wild West of Influencer Marketing

7:00 –  New Rules vs User Behavior, Who Will Win?

8:00 – What Does This Mean for Clients?

8:40 – The Golden Ticket: Social Media Influencers

8:50 – What is an “Influencer?”

10:15 – Why Influencers Can Beat the Algorithm

12:45 – Uncharted Waters for Partnerships

14:00 – Word Of Mouth, Upgraded

15:00 – Influencers: They’re Just Like Us!

16:00 – Don’t Forget The Basics

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