Top 5 D+P Internship Moments

Written by Kevin Duncan, D+P Fall Intern

I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to intern with Devine + Partners this semester. It has been an absolutely incredible, one-of-a-kind, experience where I have been able to learn about and experience firsthand the fast-paced, strategic environment of a boutique, Philadelphia-based, public relations agency. I have learned so many valuable lessons that I will keep with me moving forward in my professional life, from the broader values of keeping the client first and offering him or her my best every day to the much more specific rules for writing an effective press release and so much more. I have loved every second of my time here at D+P but there are certain moments that stand out above the rest. So without further delay, here are my Top 5 D+P Internship Moments!

5. The Move

This year, a short two weeks into my time working at Devine + Partners, the company moved its offices from 2300 Chestnut Street to 1700 Market Street. The move was an exciting start to my time here as I got to go through the memories of the 2300 Chestnut spot, such as an inexplicable 2008 D+P bowling trophy, and look forward to the fresh start at 1700 Market. The new office is on the 15th floor and has beautiful views of the center city skyscrapers. The new office, too, is located closer to some of D+P’s clients and (even though it added a whole extra stop to my morning commute) the move was a successful and fun one to be a part of.

4. Boy Scouts of America Project

Coming in at number four for top experiences of my time at D+P is my time working on the Boy Scouts of America Social Media. I was offered the opportunity to create and manage the social media content for the BSA accounts and I enjoyed every post. I was briefly involved in scouting when I was younger and it meant a lot to me to be able to work with a client with whom I had a personal connection, especially as they are undergoing a transformation to the more inclusive Scouts of America. While I never made it out of my second year of Cub Scouts, I do have very fond memories of my time with the organization. Namely, claiming the coveted second place podium spot in The Pinewood Derby, because as we all know first is the worst and second is the best.

3. Friday Lunches

Devine + Partners has a wonderful tradition of bringing everyone together to share a lunch on Friday afternoons to decompress from a long week and talk about just about anything that might come up. I loved Friday lunches for the time I got to spend with my coworkers as well as the opportunity to sample all the culinary offerings of Center City Philadelphia. A special shout out goes to Wrap Shack and their addictive Sweet Potato Tots!

2. The Parkway Soiree, more specifically Square Dancing

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and to celebrate this monumental occasion D+P helped to put on a 100th Birthday Party for the Parkway. When I was asked to help I was incredibly excited to experience the event management side of PR, but not nearly as excited as I was when I was given my post for the night… the Square Dancing Station. I had never square danced before, but I love to dance and I would never discriminate so after eight hours of nonstop fun I can firmly state that I am hooked. Some testimonies from party-goers given later that evening regarding my square dancing would include “Show stopping”, “The life of the party”, and “A nearly religious experience, I was lucky enough to witness.”

1. The People

Taking the top spot on this countdown is not one specific moment but rather the many moments I spent with everyone I was fortunate enough to work with this semester. While square dancing and lunches are great it was everyone on the D+P staff that made my time with this company so incredible. I was welcomed into the Devine + Partners family with open arms from day one and that made all the difference for me. I truly feel like I have built real, lasting relationships with the wonderful people I have worked with this fall. Thank you Jay, Bridget, Christine, Sue, Paige, Amanda, Alyssa, Andy, Mackenzie, and Aisata for making this internship so memorable and positive!

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