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The Not-So Hidden Problems with Twitter’s New Hidden Replies Feature

On Sept. 19, 2019, Twitter announced the U.S. rollout of its newest feature: Hidden Replies. Billed by the social media platform as a mechanism to control users’ conversations and limit hate speech, the feature essentially works like a worn-out eraser for messy replies users want to remove from their Twitter threads. Of course, when you […]

PR Pranks: Creating an April Fools’ Day campaign

April Fools Day is a great time for brands to express themselves via the oh-so-risky Prank and while some companies have drawn more confusion than chuckles, many brands are embracing the holiday as an important time to engage with its audience. But since most C-Suites aren’t having meetings about how to pull off a good […]

Social Media Trends To Expect in 2019

Another year has come to pass, which means it is time for a D+P tradition: looking into our crystal ball to uncover the social media trends that will impact the way users and brands use these platforms in 2019. In some ways, it feels like social media is a tale as old as time, but […]

Three takeaways from #C3Chat: Growing Your Digital Audience

Note: Interested in joining our next, #C3Chat? Follow @DevinePartners on Twitter for more information on our Oct. 26 #C3Chat on the importance of connecting with your target audience using video. So what did you think of our first #C3Chat? Last Friday the D+P staff hosted our first #C3Chat, calling anyone and everyone to join us […]

Cluttered Twitter Feeds and the Rise of Unconventional Content

Twitter may have a profitability issue, but there’s no arguing that the social media platform is heavily utilized by brands, news outlets and individuals alike. Since the digital communications app thrives on immediacy, it’s no surprise that Twitter serves as a news source for a large portion of Americans. And, while news distribution may only […]