From Broad Street to Chestnut Street: Teamwork Creates Success

From Broad Street to Chestnut Street: Teamwork Creates Success

By D+P Team

“Hey, how’d your long run go this weekend?” “How is your training going?” “You’ve already run up to 8 miles, that’s so impressive!”

These were not uncommon phrases heard in the D+P offices after a group of us decided that we would run the 2014 Independence Blue Cross Broad Street Run together as a team. We have an active office with seasoned runners who had competed in the race before, but also some runners new to the race, so we were excited to undergo the challenge as a group.

Each week as our countdown wore on and the race got closer, we would share our training progress and encourage each other to persevere through the long weekend runs. Those who had already participated were able to share tips of the race to the rookies, while the newcomers kept us all in line with their stricter training plans, reminding us that a 10 mile race is not to be taken lightly.

“The Boss” came in on Friday with surprise matching D+P orange shirts for the race, so we were connected from the start. Well, the race was this past Sunday, May 4, and I am proud to say that we all finished! (With some pretty great times, might I add!) Knowing that we were all in it together helped each one of us to push through the race, even when we thought our legs or lungs might give out.

“How did your event go last night?” “Do you have the name of a good contact at the New York Times?” “Congrats on the great piece on the news today! What a great representation of your client!”

Here are just a few more phrases that you will here at the D+P offices on a more regular basis. Whether it is training for a race or campaigning for a client, at D+P, we are always working as a team. Although our client lists vary, there is a sense of camaraderie among our group that propels us to work our hardest for each other and our clients every day. We tag team on all of our work and help each other out to get the best results. Some of our more experienced staff share their list of “dos and don’ts” having been in the industry for many years, while the younger staff bring a plethora of knowledge regarding new types of media platforms and creative outreach tactics to reach to a new generation of readers. In any case, we are always in each other’s business at the office encouraging one another, celebrating the individual and team successes and learning from each other along the way.

Maybe we should sign up for more races together that bring out our natural teamwork abilities. D+P client, the ODDyssey Half Marathon, is coming up on June 8 and has a post-race beer tent and free massages. Any takers from D+P? That is part of our teamwork strategy, right? See you at the start!

TaylorCropCongrats to team D+P!
From L to R: Taylor Fleming, Jay Devine, Rebecca Morley, John Latchaw and Brianna Taylor

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