Devine + Partners offers a full range of communications services – from message and content development and media relations to issues management and employee and community engagement. But the D+P difference rests with how our senior staff are actively engaged with every client, providing the expertise, strategic insights and passion to shape disruptive strategies that achieve your goals.

Public Relations

Stakeholders come in all shapes and sizes. They can be customers, community members, donors, investors, interest groups, regulators and elected officials, media or employees. A well-crafted public relations plan must understand these stakeholders and prioritize them, develop content and messaging to inspire their action and then execute multi platform approaches to get the job done. D+P offers all of that and more, starting with on-strategy messaging, segmented by stakeholder audience.
  • Message development

  • Media training

  • Media relations

  • Press and special events

  • New media

Digital + Video Content

The communications world has undergone a fundamental transformation when it comes to developing and distributing content. You no longer have to wait for or rely on a journalist to cover your story; we can serve it up to your audiences directly, serving as both a catalyst for and complement to earned media stories. D+P’s team of former journalists and content experts starts by crafting a messaging strategy and a narrative that leads to written stories, videos and graphics that build brand loyalty and affinity. Then we get your content in front of the right people so it moves the needle.
  • Content hub strategy development

  • Journalistic, on-brand stories

  • Sponsored content

  • Newsletters

  • Op-eds

  • Videos

  • Podcasts

  • Infographics

  • Annual reports

  • Investor reports

  • Editing

  • Content calendars

  • Blog strategy and development

Social Media

Anyone can post something on social media – and that’s part of the problem. It takes an expert team to make sure social content stands out. D+P cuts through the fog with just the right strategy and distinctive voice that allows your message to be seen and heard on every platform. Then D+P offers continuous measurement and analytics including our own Engagement Index in real time to know what’s resonating with your audiences and how to evolve the content to maximize impact.
  • Strategy and content development

  • Digital listening and monitoring

  • Metrics, auditing and analysis

  • Audience identification and engagement

  • Influencer identification and outreach

  • Community development

  • Brand ambassador program development

  • Internal social media policy development

  • Paid content strategies and creative

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Issues Management

D+P’s senior counselors guide leaders and organizations through a wide range of difficult situations and organizational threats and opportunities. When the need arises, D+P is on-call 24/7 with clear-headed, strategic counsel and time-tested tactics that help protect your reputation and get you back to business.
  • Crisis strategy and communications

  • Change management strategy and communications

  • Reputation management

  • Labor relations

  • Environmental and facility emergencies

  • Product tampering

  • Advocacy and policy campaigns

  • ESG management

  • Proxy fights

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Disgruntled constituents

  • Commentaries

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Thought Leadership

To be the leader, you need to communicate like one, and sometimes an outside viewpoint is just what you need to get there. D+P team members have served in the C-suites of big companies and nonprofits and worked closely for decades with senior executives. We understand how complex organizations work, the pressures that top leaders face, the need for objective, informed and strategic advice and how amplifying thought leadership can be a gamechanger for driving awareness and choice among key audiences.
  • Senior level strategy and coordination

  • Speechwriting

  • Organizational analysis

  • DEI 

  • Thought leadership content

  • Presentation and media training

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Employee Engagement

The best organizations know that their employees are their most important asset, especially when the need to attract and retain a top-flight workforce is more daunting and critical than ever. Whether they’re at a Fortune 500 company or a small nonprofit, employees expect steady and effective communication and engagement, and an authentic sense of engagement with the organization, its leaders and its mission. The D+P team brings decades of experience in helping organizations develop employee loyalty and engagement, and navigate all types of internal issues. Attracting talent is often a major challenge and we have done that too.
  • Internal communications strategies

  • Internal messaging

  • Engagement programs

  • Intranet content

  • Recruitment campaigns

  • Talent branding

  • Job action communication

  • New initiative launches