New Instagram Feeds: What They Mean for PR Professionals
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New Instagram Feeds: What They Mean for PR Professionals

By D+P Interns

This blog was written by D+P Intern Jacquelyn Kelly. 

As the third most popular social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is a crucial part of your brand’s social media presence. Constantly releasing new updates, Instagram’s growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon; Rather, the app is finding new ways to increase time spent scrolling by its users. With the latest Instagram update, users have the opportunity to view their feed in three unique ways: by algorithm, in chronological order and by favorited accounts. This update emphasizes the importance of real-time marketing during major events all while allowing your brand to have control over who sees your posts when you want them to be seen. 

How it Works

Instagram’s main feed will still operate as it has in the recent past: through the use of algorithms and personalized feeds. With this new update, users will also have the option to view their feed in a more tailored way by using the “following” and “favorites” feeds. Below gives an overview as to how each feed is generated: 

–  Home Feed: based on algorithm and personalized feeds; combines following with recommended posts

–  Following Feed: brings back a fan favorite – chronological order; allows users to scroll on the platform with the most recent posts beginning at the top while older posts follow suit

–  Favorites Feed: gives users a way to view up to 50 favorited accounts that will also have priority in the home feed; creates competition amongst brands to be selected as one of 50 accounts

What Does Instagram’s New Update Mean For My Brand? 

These new feeds can mean a lot for your brand and your clients. Learning how to use each feed to your benefit will be key to improving your overall Instagram presence. We’ve broken down the importance of each feed to show you how your brand can benefit:

      – Following Feed: Real Time Marketing

When Instagram got rid of chronological order in 2016, there was a huge learning curve about how to use Instagram to a brand’s benefit. Posts often got lost in the algorithm and it would take days for them to show up on followers’ feeds. Real time marketing essentially went out the window since posts didn’t appear until three days later. With chronological order back, brands have the ability to participate in live conversations and trends as they are unfolding. Instead of posting event recaps, use the chronological order feature to your advantage by sharing pictures and videos in real time – it might just land on the feed of the right person at the right time.

       –  Favorites Feed: Staying Front of Mind

The favorites feed allows users to view their feeds in a more niche way. This feed is unexplored territory for brands and influencers, but if you can make it on this list – you’ll be sure to stay front of mind for your followers. Here are two tips for remaining front of mind and securing your spot on the favorites feed:

–  Host a contest or giveaway that requires followers to add you to their favorites feed. This doesn’t have to be anything big – people simply love to win prizes and this is a great incentive to ensure that you end up on multiple followers’ favorites feed.

– Remind followers about the favorites feed on your stories. Instagram’s story features can make these stories more interactive by using polls and question boxes to answer any questions followers may have about the new feature.


       –  Home Feed: Quality Content Ranks Higher

While the home feed remains mostly untouched, there are still a few changes of note.  For starters, the importance of the favorites feed will continue on the home feed as favorited accounts are much more likely to appear than accounts that aren’t favorited. Additionally, quality content will become the leading factor in what appears on the home page. By creating quality content to share with your followers, you’ll have the opportunity to appear on other pages and organically reach people who don’t yet follow your account. This also ties into the importance of Reels which are now receiving twice the amount of engagements as other posts.

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