Burger King’s Paid Social Campaign Spices Up Twitter
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Burger King’s Paid Social Campaign Spices Up Twitter

By D+P Team

As a self-diagnosed social media addict, it should come as no surprise that I was scrolling through my Twitter feed for the 100th time the other day when I stumbled upon a tweet from a user I didn’t recognize. The user’s name was Alyssa, and she had taken to Twitter to gripe about Wendy’s removing its beloved spicy chicken nuggets from its menu.

Paid social marketing campaign social media
Aforementioned tweet spewing vitriol against a lack of spicy nuggz.

My first thought was: You know what, Twitter? I’m not in the market for chicken nuggets right now. You don’t know my life, and you’re not my real dad!

And my second thought was: This tweet is unrelated to both politics and celebrity gossip. Egads! This must be an ad for Wendy’s!

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A very normal reaction I had to reading a random tweet.

Sure enough, below Alyssa’s nugget-less lament was emblazoned the stamp of branded content. But the ad wasn’t coming from Wendy’s. No, dear reader, the tweet’s ad disclosure read “Promoted by Burger King.”

promoted tweet sponsored post paid social media
BRB I am frankly boggled.

Wait – what?

Putting on my “digital communications professional who works with paid content and social media advertising” cap, I scrolled deeper into the comments. It was there that the pieces of the puzzle came together: a plug for Burger’s King’s newest product offering: 10-piece spicy chicken nuggets.

Paid digital communications paid marketing paid social media
Exclusive footage of me as an investigative journalist.

That’s right. The genius marketing team at Burger King dug through Wendy’s’ Twitter timeline and came back with receipts that customers were longing for bite-sized portions of peppered poultry. Leveraging a competitor’s negative customer feedback is some next-level shade that’s typically reserved for the likes of Taylor Swift, but Burger King pulled it off. It was simultaneously hilarious and on-brand, always a winning combo. Plus, their sneaky campaign succeeded where most fail, sparking interest that gets customers to engage – and retweet!

That is some solid engagement.

Wendy’s red wig has been officially snatched. And Burger King is the new fast food king*.

*Except for McDonald’s. Don’t @ me.

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D+P Team

D+P Team

We are Devine + Partners, communications and content experts who specialize in public relations, issues management and content creation.