Positive News Sheds Light This Winter

Positive News Sheds Light This Winter

By D+P Team


At Devine + Partners, we carefully monitor changes in the digital media landscape. I recently came across a national online media outlet called A Plus that strives “to deliver positive journalism to readers, with the intention of making a meaningful difference in the world by highlighting our common humanity, promoting personal growth, and inspiring social change.”

aSimilar to The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, A Plus’ interactive website captures readers’ attention with interesting headlines and visuals, and its positive, original news content is designed to make readers feel good. The site is active across social feeds and the news content is highly shareable. And, A Plus boasts an impressive reach: According to its Facebook page, the site has built an audience of approximately 50 million monthly visitors in less than a year!

Here in Philadelphia, our own CBS Philly is making the switch to include more positive news stories, too. A recent promo features familiar anchors and correspondents reporting on the good. It turns out, CBS Philly listened to viewer feedback, which said that we’re all a little beleaguered by the constant barrage of bad news, so the cbsstation is expanding its definition of “newsworthy” to include more positive stories. [Look for the promo frequently airing on CBS Philly.]

With all of the reporting on crime, homicide and political wrongdoings, it is easy to forget that The City of Brotherly Love is home to countless organizations working to make positive changes in our community.  We hope other news organizations follow A Plus and CBS Philly’s lead and include more positive journalism to highlight the good news our great city has to offer.

Want to check out A Plus? Here are some recent headlines:

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We are Devine + Partners, communications and content experts that specialize in public relations, issues management and digital communications.

D+P Team

D+P Team

We are Devine + Partners, communications and content experts who specialize in public relations, issues management and content creation.