Rising Stars: The View of Public Relations from a Psychology and Sociology Major
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Rising Stars: The View of Public Relations from a Psychology and Sociology Major

By D+P Interns

By Grace Frigerio

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to work in an industry centered around people. As I got older, my love for socializing evolved into curiosity about communication and how humans conform to society’s organization, structure, and norms while also growing into their own personalities.

I quickly recognized that my majors in psychology and sociology opened a window of career possibilities. In the realm of public relations, the connection between psychology and communication is not just incidental; it’s fundamental. As individuals, we’re wired to perceive, interpret, and react to information in ways that shape our beliefs and behaviors. Understanding these psychological principles is the foundation of effective PR strategies.

Through my classes, I have learned how emotions influence decision-making and individual perceptions. PR endeavors often seek to evoke feelings of joy, nostalgia, or empathy, aiming to foster a deeper connection between the audience and the brand. Through the crafting of compelling narratives and immersive storytelling experiences, PR practitioners aim to elicit emotional responses that leave a lasting impression in consumers’ minds.

Humans are naturally social beings, greatly influenced by the attitudes and behaviors of those around them. PR campaigns seek to capitalize on these social influences through various tactics such as social validation, the affirmation of authority figures, and expertise to sway public opinion.

At the core of PR lies the skillful management of perception. From a psychological standpoint, perception isn’t a passive absorption of information but an active process of constructing reality. This construction is deeply influenced by individual biases, past experiences, and the social and cultural environment. PR professionals skillfully navigate this landscape, strategically crafting messages, narratives, and visuals tailored to resonate with target audiences. By skillfully shaping how individuals perceive a brand or individual, PR practitioners effectively mold and define their identity within the public sphere.

Interning at Devine + Partners as a psychology and sociology major has been an enlightening and educational experience where I have been able to combine my academic background with practical application in the PR world. I have gained first-hand insight into how psychological philosophy intersects with the communication strategies in PR. My view of social dynamics and human behavior has changed my awareness and altered how I understand the complexities of managing perception effectively.

By applying my knowledge of psychological concepts such as peer influence and emotional depth, I’ve contributed to crafting compelling narratives and messaging strategies that resonate with clients’ goals. This internship has not only deepened my appreciation for the relationship between psychology and PR but has also honed my skills in translating theoretical knowledge into impactful real-world outcomes.

Rising Stars is a series of thoughts, reflections and perspectives by the interns at Devine + PartnersGrace Frigerio is a spring intern at Devine + Partners. She is a senior at Franklin and Marshall College, majoring in psychology and sociology.

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D+P Interns