Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

By D+P Team

There’s something about Award season…

In my circle of friends, each star-studded night is the perfect reason to leave the comfort of our warm homes, dress up, and gather on a Sunday evening to claim the last moments of the weekend. During the Golden Globes, we worshipped Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, as though they were the only two women to ever make us smile. At the Grammy’s we were agape at Beyoncé’s impeccable ability to dazzle, regardless of what she’s wearing. And, at the Academy Awards [and for days afterward], we laughed until we cried over the unexpected star of the evening, the wickedly talented ‘Adele Dazeem.’

We’re lucky at D+P because our Award season didn’t end last Sunday. In fact, our red carpet is still unfurled. This month and next, we continue to celebrate recent successes of our clients, and our team:

• The University of the Arts congratulated alum Jared Leto on his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club
• Health Partners Plans nabbed a PR News Nonprofit Award for their excellent re-branding
• The Mann’s Justin Klein was named a 2014 Outstanding Board Member by the Philadelphia Business Journal
• And the Philadelphia Science Festival was nominated for Best Event in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Magazine [vote here].

On the home front, our very own Jay and Bridget Devine will be inducted next month into the National Adoption Center’s Hall of Fame for their continued service.

Yes, Award season is a time of year that brings joy and remembrance. And we’ll see you at the after party!

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