What Is Team D+P Listening To?

What Is Team D+P Listening To?

By D+P Team

Whether it’s during the daily commute, in the kitchen or at the gym, Team D+P enjoys listening to radio shows, music and podcasts alike. Take a look below to see what we are tuning into during the course of the week. Who knows, one of our team’s picks could become a favorite of yours, too!     

Jay: I really enjoy listening to This American Life on my daily commute as well as my iPhone playlist.  At home, I love relaxing after a long Sunday run, reading the Sunday papers and listening to New Age music on Pandora (much to the teenagers in my house’s dismay).

this american life

Christine: The best part about listening to KYW Newsradio on my way in and out of the city over the course of 20 years is the “relationships” that I’ve developed with KYW reporters along the way. By listening to them every day and working with many of them on client news, I feel like I already know them even if we’re just meeting for the first time!

Paige: Reply All is my favorite podcast. I stumbled on the show after its episode “Boy in Photo” got some local buzz because of the ties to Philly, and I was hooked! Reply All is a self-described “show about the internet” that is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, and often features guest hosting by my absolute favorite show producer, Sruthi Pinnamaneni. The show’s format ranges from long-form stories to short segments (my favorite short bit: “Yes, Yes, No” – where they dissect current memes and crack me up in the process) and the stories always relate back to the internet in some capacity, despite how out-there and crazy the topics might be. For those who love all things fascinating, quirky and downright interesting.  A few must-listen episodes: Boy In Photo,  Stolen Valor, and Sruthi’s four-part series about prison, blogs, and much more – On the Inside.

reply all 2

Sue: As with Christine, KYW Newsradio is a radio station preset. NPR’s All Things Considered, also had a great podcast I loved, with Audie Cornish interviewing Scott Silveri, the creator of the new ABC show, Speechless.

all things considered

Molly: I had already listened to the latest episodes of my rotation of podcasts and needed something fresh for my gym workout. My colleague Paige recommended the Boy in Photo episode of the Reply All podcast. If you are looking for 44 minutes of twists and turns with an unusual yet satisfying ending that hits close to home (spoiler alert: the boy in photo is from the suburbs of Philadelphia) – I recommend it!

Also – if you haven’t already, listen to episode #447 of This American Life: The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms – you won’t regret it!

Michael: Listening to the intriguing, thought-provoking and (sometimes) comical stories of people’s life experiences on The Moth podcast will never get old to me. This first-hand storytelling series gives the audience a brief, personal perspective into others’ lives—whether their experiences are tragic, laughable or insightful—it’s magnificent to learn about just how significantly we are shaped bythose who surround us.

If you need a good laugh, my favorite episode of The Moth is called Hoboken Roast Beef, where a down-and-out, unemployed man finds humor (and some new friends) in a seemingly routine visit to a local deli.

the moth

Brianna: My 30-minute walk to and from work each day has left me addicted to podcasts. I didn’t listen to them until a few years ago when Serial became such a hit, but now I refresh my feed each day hoping for a new episode of one of my favorites to fill my morning commute.  Some of my absolute favorites are Code Switch, Planet Money, and the NPR Politics Podcast.  Just last week, I started listening to a new podcast from Gimlet called Undone, which dives deeply into old news stories to explore what happened when the public stopped paying attention.  I have already learned about the night that disco died (or not) and 20-year fight over the remains of “The Ancient One.” Definitely worth a listen.

code switch


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