Top 5 Puns in PR
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Top 5 Puns in PR

By Mylin Batipps

Who says you can’t have a little “pun” in PR?

Surely it’s crossed all of our minds at least once to include a bad pun in a headline for a story we write for our clients or company’s website. I’m (not) ashamed to say that I’ve attempted a few times. More often than not the puns are cut by the editor’s pen, but whenever they do get a pass, it’s a cause for celebration.

Mylin performing a pun routine at Helium Comedy Club.

As I’m still riding the high from recently competing at a pun competition at Helium Comedy Club hosted by It’s Always Punny in Philadelphia, I wanted to share some funny puns (or punny “funs”) that those in PR can appreciate. If these weave their way into your staff meeting or family dinner, you’re welcome.

  1. A video content creator walks into a sushi bar and asks, “May I please have the B-Roll?
  2. Like a baseball player … with the right angle, your pitch will have a leg up above the rest!
  3. You can’t just let your content look any old kind of way. Make sure it’s properly dressed. Give it some AP style.
  4. When building a list of reporters, you can either use software or be old-fashioned and keep a journal list.
  5. I built a website and social media presence for my grocery client. If you ask me, that’s supermarketing.

If any of these made you grin, you might also like my collection of 500 original puns I released in 2021, Punny Thoughts for Your Day. If not, I’m sorry.

Mylin Batipps

Mylin Batipps

As Account Supervisor, Mylin Batipps Jr. brings his experience in media relations, journalism, and corporate communications to help you tell your story.