Walking [Down a Building] In a Client’s Shoes

Walking [Down a Building] In a Client’s Shoes

By D+P Team

With the annual fundraiser for Philadelphia Outward Bound School, “Building Adventure 2013,” still fresh in our memories, we’ve had many a discussion about how exciting it is to see our clients in action.  “Building Adventure 2013” was a 31-story rappel down the side of a Center City building, asking participants to engage in the fundamentals of Outward Bound—find inner strength, face fears, overcome obstacles.

Working a client event helps us gain new perspectives, seek out different story angles, and establish an exciting platform from which to begin new media conversations.  When writing for a client, we step into their shoes so that our words ring true.  This approach reached new heights at “Building Adventure 2013” when Kim and I jumped at the chance to rappel, ourselves.

Frankly, I was terrified.  Kim, not so much.  But, the 31-story descent deepened our understanding of Outward Bound.  Taking those first few brave steps over the edge of One Logan Square certainly uncovered a new sense of strength, and better prepared us to assist the other brave fundraisers – including media! – in their rappels.

On October 18, dressed in our “athletic chic” attire and donning our safety helmets and harnesses, we helped media and rappellers maneuver their way up to the roof and over the edge, offering words of “if we could do it, you can do it.”

There’s something very special about living a day in the life of our clients.  It makes us even more passionate about the work we do for them.   We truly know our client when we walk [down a building] in their shoes!

Kim is cool as a cucumber, while John has second thoughts.

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