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Jefferson Health

Content Campaign

The Challenge

Jefferson Health LogoJefferson Health is the second-largest healthcare system in the Philadelphia region with 42,700 employees. Likewise, its medical, allied health and undergraduate university is among the most prominent in the same region, with 10 colleges and four schools serving 8,200 students. Beginning in 2013, D+P assisted in the planning and execution of six healthcare system and university acquisitions by Jefferson, catapulting it to be the second-largest employer in Philadelphia. With this newly-formed healthcare, clinical and educational institution, the challenge was how best to brand the overall entity by leveraging the skills of more than 50 newly acquired and existing communications professionals.

The Approach

D+P recommended a new digital approach centered around a web-based NewsHub concept to showcase the expertise of its healthcare staff and university faculty. The NewsHub was a novel approach that included fresh, web-based content and information, to be produced by its internal communications staff. To serve the individual needs of the clinical and academic entities, D+P recommended two NewsHubs – the Nexus and the Health Nexus. Each hub includes storytelling and information, highlighting the work of health professionals treating and healing patients, as well as professors and faculty helping students to achieve their academic and career goals. Crucial to the success of the Nexus and the Health Nexus was the retraining of Jefferson’s 50 communications professionals. D+P oversaw the development of the NewsHubs, the design of a workflow plan, as well as the training and development of staff.

The Results

a screenshot of the Jefferson Health Nexus NewsHub websiteThe Nexus and the Health Nexus reach multiple key audiences for the institution, including patients, students, employees, funders and journalists. Both Jefferson University’s Nexus and Jefferson Health’s Nexus draw more than 34,000 visits per month. For journalists, the hubs serve as places to get the latest information about the institutions and to inspire new story ideas. They are also places where potential employees can learn more about Jefferson as an employer of choice. Patients, too, learn about new treatments and healthy lifestyle information, particularly in key practice areas of emphasis for Jefferson. Current and prospective students learn about the multitude of learning opportunities and academic expertise of Jefferson’s 10 colleges and schools.