Reach Cyber Charter School

Brand Awareness

Media Relations

The Challenge

Gray illustrated rocket next to the words "REACH CYBER CHARTER SCHOOL, Reach your potential"More parents than ever are looking for choices when it comes to the education of their children.  But, with 14 different cyber school offerings in the state of Pennsylvania alone, parents can have difficulties choosing the school that best fits their needs.

Reach Cyber Charter School is a STEM-focused, online public charter school for K-12 students throughout Pennsylvania. D+P was tasked with showing how Reach Cyber stands out in this crowded landscape.

The Approach

D+P built a strategy that emphasized showing Reach Cyber’s success and expertise by telling the stories of students and the school’s faculty. Through connections with counselors and “family mentors,” we created a network that allowed us to profile the lives of many students and teachers as if we were in their virtual classrooms with them. D+P conducted interviews with students and exemplified our key messages, including the flexibility it offered them to pursue their other passions – be it entrepreneurship, gymnastics, singing, acting or even helping out on their family farms. With those stories in hand, D+P crafted hyper-local pitches to the small-towns and big cities where these students are located from Erie and Pittsburgh to Scranton and Philadelphia.

The Results 

Success came in the form of a variety of stories in print, digital and broadcast outlets about the students and the happenings at Reach Cyber, in print, digital and broadcast outlets across the state of Pennsylvania. Stories range from profiles about Reach Cyber’s outstanding students and letters to the editors from satisfied parents to op-eds from senior leadership and stories on unique programming offered by the cyber school. In 2023, D+P helped to secure hundreds national placements for Reach Cyber celebrating the high school graduation of nine-year-old David Balogun.

a collage of media coverage at David Balogun, a 9-year-old who graduated high school from Reach Cyber Charter School