a woman with low vision using a white cane walking down a ramp with friends


Brand Awareness

VisionLink logoThe Challenge

Just as people evolve, organizations do, too. For more than 100 years, the Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB) had served Philadelphians experiencing blindness or vision loss. But after a century, ASB concluded that its name no longer  accurately reflected the work that it does nor represented its community effectively. The name was also long and unwieldy, its visual brand dated. So, ASB sought a new identity  and engaged D+P to lead the rebrand and design the communications launch to generate excitement and awareness among important, key stakeholders.

The Approach

D+P conducted a comprehensive research and discovery process with a messaging and competitive audit that included interviews with the organization’s key stakeholders and with external experts in the blind and low-vision community, regionally and nationally, and ASB’s key community partners and referral sources. We also evaluated websites and messaging of peer organization websites nationally.

This process surfaced aspirational messages and language and the need for the new name to convey a welcoming sense to anyone, anywhere on the vision loss continuum, including the growing population of aging Philadelphians who are experiencing low vision diagnosis. In addition, D+P recognized the importance of emphasizing the vital position the organization holds as a connector to critical resources and support, as well as highlighting the ways it contributes to more independent living for people with vision challenges.

The Results 

The name that emerged from this deliberate and creative process was VisionLink, communicating the organization’s central position as a bridge to independence for people living with vision loss and as a resource for helping support a more accessible Philadelphia. The new name resulted in an overarching rebrand, including a revamped website with a modern color palette and logo. The next step was to educate and cultivate excitement among the board, staff, current participants, community partners, referring physicians and the general public regarding this change.

D+P built a comprehensive communications cascade for VisionLink’s launch, identifying all key audiences and the corresponding communications channels and content that would best reach them with the news of the new name. This included presentations, talking points, emails and letters, social media content and general information designed to prepare staff to answer any participant questions.

D+P also developed a video series to debut on VisionLink’s social media, which we manage. All social platforms transitioned to the new brand, and a revamped content calendar was designed with the new video series at its core, featuring the perspectives of VisionLink staff, community partners and board members on how VisionLink serves its community and how the new name conveys the organization’s mission and vision.

With a new brand, an inclusive, welcoming name and a reinvigorated sense of purpose, VisionLink is ready for its next chapter.